You might feel overwhelmed by your upcoming move. The internet (and all your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors) have so many moving tips, but is there one right way to move? The easy answer is yes — hire professional movers in Greenville NC if you are able. Otherwise, no — there’s no one right way to move. That’s why we’ve compiled this helpful guide with all our best moving tips.

Keep reading to learn more about:

  1. Moving during the summer
  2. Moving during the fall
  3. Moving with kids

Moving During the Summer

The majority of moves in America take place sometime between Memorial Day and Labor Day. While moving in the summer is convenient for families, students and busy professionals, it can also be downright miserable thanks to the season’s oppressive heat. Fortunately, there are things you can do (and not do!) to avoid a summer move that is sweaty and exhausting. For starters, we recommend hiring professionals to help with the heavy lifting, so that you can concentrate on other checklist items. For more tips on summer moving, check out our dos and don’ts of moving in the summer heat.

Dos and Dont’s: Moving in the Summer

Do expect to pay more. There’s no getting around the fact that summer is the most expensive time to move, especially when it comes to moving services. Everything from moving containers to moving companies are in high demand during the summer months (also known as “peak moving season.”). The reason? For starters, with school out for the summer, families with school-age children are simply more keen to move during this time. College students are also moving into and out of their dorms during the beginning and ending of the summer.

Do start the move early in the day. Beat the heat by starting your move early in the morning. This is when temperatures and humidity levels tend to be lowest during the summer months. We recommend starting as early as possible. In addition to beating the heat, you’re also more likely to beat the traffic by starting the move early. Aim to begin around 8 a.m. – or even earlier if possible. If mornings are not a convenient time for you (and you’re planning a DIY move), then we recommend moving in the late afternoon or evening hours when temperatures cool down.

Don’t wear heavy fabrics and inappropriate clothing. Moving day is not the day to worry about being stylish. It’s also not the time to be uncomfortable. If you’re moving in the summer heat, you absolutely need to wear light, breathable clothing (think: cotton) and comfortable, closed-toe shoes with socks. Forget the heavy fabrics and high heels. Moving often involves lifting heavy boxes, walking back and forth between rooms, driving long distances, and packing boxes. None of these things can be done well if you’re donning uncomfortable and inappropriate clothing.

Do turn the AC on in your new home. The last thing you want on moving day is to arrive at a home that is unbearably hot. To avoid this situation, we recommend turning your utilities on prior to the move. If you live nearby and are able to switch on the air conditioning the day before the move, then make sure to do so pronto. Cooling down your new home beforehand will make the move and transition much more seamless. If you’re moving long distance, make sure to switch the AC on once you arrive at the new home.

Don’t move during a holiday weekend. Not only will there be less movers and truck rentals available to assist you with the move, but it will also be much more expensive to move during a summer holiday weekend. Not to mention, you can bet traffic on the roads will be at a standstill. You may even end up having to take multiple detours (thanks to those holiday parades) just to get to the new home. Summer holiday weekends to avoid moving include Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Do keep electronics cool. Use extra caution when packing and moving electronics during the summer. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for these items to become overheated and ruined on a hot summer’s day. From smart phones and laptops to TVs and appliances, electrical items do not typically fare well in hot conditions. To keep your items in tip-top shape during the move, be sure to pack them separately and keep them in air conditioned surroundings at all times. Electronics should be the last items placed on the truck and the first items taken off the truck once you arrive. Be sure to pack them in waterproof bins and bags to prevent water damage from a summer shower as well.

Don’t underestimate the amount of prep time. Don’t just willy-nilly throw everything in the back of a truck and take off. Moving during the summertime takes careful thought, preparation and planning in order to be successful. Start packing your boxes and bags at least a month ahead of time. Interview and hire your movers several months before.

Moving During the Fall

Have you decided that the fall season is the best time for you to move? You’re probably right! Moving during the fall is advantageous in many ways – you’re not rushing to move before school starts in the fall, you’re missing the expensive summer season, and temperatures are getting cooler by the day. You’ll still want to plan ahead as much as you can, so what can you expect for your fall move?

Here are a few helpful tips about moving in the fall:

Negotiate to take advantage of lower moving costs. Bonus – moving in the fall is typically much more affordable. Moving companies have cleared the summer rush, gas prices can be lower, and there is more truck/crew availability. Whether renting a truck or hiring a full moving team, this typically means you have a greater ability to cost-compare and negotiate on moving estimates and bids. So be sure to shop around, and perhaps do a little digging online about cost-comparisons between the summer and fall.

Declutter from summer. You may have a number of clothing items, swimwear, beach gear, outdoor furniture,  toys, and other seasonal items that just won’t make it to next summer. Instead of packing and moving these items, only to discard them next year, take some time to declutter and either ditch or donate items you don’t want to pay to take with you. And, if there are old cold-weather clothing items you or your family have grown out of, consider donating those before the colder weather hits.

Rethink storage. If you live in a climate with challenging seasonal weather, reconsider the benefits of putting some items in storage during your move. This will help clear your moving truck of heavy or bulky items you may not use until late next spring or summer (like outdoor furniture, gardening tools, and barbecues), and can streamline your move by helping you pack everything at once. It will also make move-in that much easier when you arrive.

Pack for the season. While you’re considering bulkier items, don’t forget about clothes and sporting gear that you may not need right away after the move. Pack seasonal items together so you can find them easily later – and make sure you’ve left out all those cold-weather items you’ll need shortly after you settle into your new place, like rain boots and raincoats, snow gear, and snow-removal equipment. If you’ve stored them away, now’s a good time to make sure they’re easy to access and unpack after you’ve arrived.

Unpack for the season. If you’ve stored away crock pots and sandwich presses, large dutch ovens, and other seasonal dishware and service wear, consider talking to your movers about placing them in more accessible locations in your house or apartment upon your arrival. Instead of trudging out to the garage or down to the storage closet to find items you packed away last year, they’ll be in your kitchen or dining room, ready to be put into service for the fall and winter seasons.

Set up utilities in advance. There’s nothing worse than arriving in a new place during the chilly, wet fall to find you haven’t set up all the proper utilities like electricity and gas. Often times, waits for new accounts can be several days. Not so great when the temperature drops. So be sure you’re clear on what’s required to setup or transfer your accounts, so that you arrive to a warm, bright environment on day 1.

Moving with Kids

As professional movers, we know how stressful a move can be. When children are involved, it can be heartbreaking – uprooting kids from their schools, homes, and friends can be really hard on everyone involved. But there are plenty of things you can do to decrease stress and help kids adjust to their transition. Here are a few helpful tips:

Stick to real talk. If you’ve moved your child multiple times, this might be extra hard on them. This time, at least, moving is no longer a great unknown. Use that experience to help explain what’s ahead, suggests Dr. Tamar Chansky. Try for a positive spin: “You did a good job with all the changes when we moved to this house. Do you remember that?” If you are faced with shrieks and tears, resist the urge to swear that after this time you will stay put forever. “Remain in the present, and don’t make promises if you’re not sure about the future,” she says.

Preserve stability in other ways. Returning to the same beloved sleepaway camp every summer, arranging just-like-always trips to the grandparents, or enrolling in an activity or sport that kids are passionate about can reassure them that not everything they love is changing.

Give it time. Another move may unleash big feelings, especially if your older child has to leave friends they worked hard to make last time. Be patient as they work through emotions, but continue to set appropriate, positive, and healthy limits. Being mad about being the new kid at school again: fine. Shoving your sister because of it: not fine. Keep an extra-close eye on your child’s adjustment, and check with a school counselor or a therapist if you worry about your child’s coping during this stressful transition.

Hire Professional Movers

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