Spring is a wonderful time for change. The blooming plants and touch of warm weather are just enough to inspire almost anything. If it happens that you will be in need of moving companies Greenville, NC service from Advance Moving & Storage, stop on by so that we can you advancing towards your future. Not in need of Greenville, NC movers, but storage in Greenville, NC? Located in the hub of the ECU Pirates, we always make sure to mention that we have storage. If you will be returning for the Fall semester, why lug everything back home only to bring it back a few months later.

Greenville, NC moversHere is What Our Greenville, NC Movers and Storage Gurus Suggest: Store or Move Your Stuff with Advance Moving & Storage. Wardrobes that are typically hung can be stored in our facilities.

  • take the time to choose the accurate kind of hanger – light clothes can be stored using plastic tubular hangars, but heavy garments will be strained without a more helpful hanger. Especially avoid wire hangars for long term storage use.
  • Folded clothing items should be folded along the lines in which they were made when it is possible to do so. Sweaters and heavy knitwear should be stowed this way to avoid stretching the threads.
  • Do not store clothes in plastic bags – cloth dress bags and tissue paper will not harm clothing or cause strange odors to occur. Plastic containers will also do, so long as you avoid plastic bagging when it is possible to do so.

A professional, climate controlled Greenville, NC movers environment will really aid you in the fitting storage of your winter clothes. For moving companies Greenville, NC service of moving supplies in Greenville, NC contact Advanced Moving & Storage now.