Greetings Greenville, NC! Our Greenville, NC movers want to remind you that we are about more than moving at Advance Moving & Storage! Though we are happy to help you move locally and nationally, and for residential and commercial reasons, we want to remind you of our storage rooms. If you have no place in Greenville, NC to leave your belongings, then you can rent a storage room from Advance Moving & Storage today. Indeed, if you are transitioning from one place to another, remodeling, or ouch – someone kicked you out, you can get the space you need from one of our Greenville, NC storage spaces.

Notably: Our Greenville, NC movers will deliver your belongings safe and sound to our Greenville, NC location.

We also want to note that our storage facilities are conditioned to handle adverse weather and are protected by security. While you are way handling other business, we will be handling ours by keeping your property secure. Moving is a difficult task as it is. Storing your stuff does not have to add to your moving or relocating stress. Greenville, NC Movers

Perhaps your need for a storage facility has nothing to do with a move. Residents and commercial businesses alike can take advantage of our Greenville, NC movers OR our storage rooms. So long as you store items that are appropriate and safe (you would not guess what some people have tried!!) then we are sure you will be good to go.

If you need extra room, because you live or work in small location that has limited storage space, let us expand your storage room. Our prices are affordable for Greenville, NC residents like students and commuters who need a place to store their belongings

Get Extra Storage Room from Advance Moving & Storage Today!