Recently, I solicited advice from friends who have moved all over the country. Some friends have moved apartments only a mile or two from their former home, others have moved from Georgia to Washington state. In any case, it is helpful to get recent moving tips from people who have recently moved. Here’s what I found:

  • Keep your clothes on hangers, and then put a trash bag over clothes with a hole in the top. This serves as a cheap garment bag for your clothes, and then you don’t have to go through the painstaking process of taking clothes off hangers, transporting your clothes, and then putting all your clothes back on their hangers. As a bonus tip: put a curtain rod or something similar in the back of your car to hang your clothes while you’re in transit!  
  • Pack your glassware in socks. This may sound gross, but use clean socks, and then you’ll save money on packing supplies! Pack all other dishes with soft clothes like t-shirts and sweatshirts; your clothes have to move with you anyways, so might as well make them useful during your move.
  • Between your stacked plates, use coffee filters or styrofoam plates. Again, this will soften the blow of the move, and you won’t waste money on expensive packing supplies.
  • Pack your glass cups in paper bags and then stack them. 
  • Rather than unpacking your silverware, keep silverware in your usual tray and then wrap it in Saran Wrap. This alleviates figuring out where to store your silverware for your move, and then unpacking is super easy!
  • My favorite tip so far: wrap your books with Saran Wrap! Rather than wasting boxes (or over-packing boxes so that they’re too heavy to carry), Saran Wrap your books together for easy moving. 
  • You can also use Saran Wrap around your dresser drawers. Don’t even remove your clothes (except for the ones you use to help pack!).
  • Pack your heaviest stuff in your luggage for easy transport. Rather than using the space in your luggage for clothes, which we’re typically prone to do, save this room for heavier stuff.
  • Pack a first day/essentials box: include your toothbrush and toothpaste, any medicine, a couple sets of clothes, etc. so that you don’t have to dig for what you need when you get to your new place. 
  • Label everything! EVERYTHING. Then, once you move, drop each box in the room where they should eventually be unpacked. This will cut down on labor and extra time spent moving boxes once you’ve made it to your new home.

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