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As a moving company, we often provide our clients with packing suggestions. However, unpacking can be just as time consuming and is certainly just as important as packing (unless you want to live with a bunch of boxes filling up your new home).
So, how can you make the UNpacking process as quick and painless as possible? Here are some unpacking tips from The Spruce:

  • The best way to attack unpacking is with a plan. Before you start opening boxes, make sure that you have organized boxes by putting them in their correct destination. Then, start with the boxes of things that you will need the soonest, such as toiletries and clothing that you will be wearing soon.
  • Once you’ve unpacked the immediate necessities, the first room that you should tackle is your kitchen, as you can’t put off cooking and eating for very long. Next, unpack the bedrooms, starting with the linens and putting together the beds. You can hold off on unpacking all of your clothes until a later time. After your bedrooms, unpack your bathrooms.
  • After you’ve unpacked your rooms, start putting together your furniture. Once furniture is put together, you can start thinking about where to put up all of your home decor.
  • You can save your storage areas such as your garage and attic for last. Usually the items that you keep there are ones that you don’t use regularly.

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