At Advance Moving and Storage, INC. we are movers who are here to help you have the best move possible in Greenville, NC, New Bern, NC, Kinston, NC, and surrounding areas. We’re dedicated to making sure you get everything you need on your next move. Large and small moves welcome, whether you’re local, intrastate, or interstate, our courteous, experienced, personnel are ready to help.
When you’re running out of storage space in your home, it’s time to rent a storage unit with us. However, what should you store in one of our storage units, and what should you store at your home? Here are a few tips to help you decide:

  • Anything that can be damaged by the changes in weather, such as furniture and pictures, should not be stored in your attic or garage. Instead, use one of our climate-controlled storage units to keep these items safe.
  • Seasonal items such as holiday decorations are ideal items to keep in a storage unit, because you aren’t going to unexpectedly need them one day. You can switch out the items as the seasons change, freeing up storage space in your home.
  • Personal documents that you may need to use regularly such as your passport, social security card, and driver’s license should be kept at home. You may need unexpectedly need access to these and will want to have them on hand. Fortunately, these types of documents don’t take up too much storage space in the home.
  • If you own a boat or RV, Advance Moving and Storage is the ideal place to keep it when you aren’t using it. These items take up too much space in your yard, and you will know in advance when you need to use them so you can easily come pick it up from us.

For all of your moving and storage needs in Eastern North Carolina, including New Bern, NC, contact us at Advance Moving and Storage.