If you plan on moving, Call the professionals at Advance Moving and Storage in New Bern, NC and save your back from possible pain down the road. According to the National Institutes of Health, 80% of people
will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain can occur at any time, and at any age.
The more you put your body through the stress and exertion of carrying heavy objects,
the more likely you are to injure your back.
Moving heavy equipment and furniture can cause muscle strain, particularly on these
very hot North Carolina days. At Advance Moving and Storage in New Bern, NC, the summer
heat and heavy lifting do not bother us. We are professional movers that have the experience and
stamina to ensure your furniture and beloved possessions look the same as they did before you
moved. We are prompt, courteous, and always deliver your cherished property with a smile.
Back pain can follow you through life, even if the injury is minor and happens
only once. An injury to your back could lead to many unforeseen consequences such
as large doctor and hospital bills, and a reduced quality of life, among other things.
But you do not have to carry the weight at all. Call Advance Moving and Storage today
and let the professionals lift your burden for you.