As moving companies in Greenville, NC know, it’s easy to be forgetful on moving day. Between everything you have to coordinate, sometimes you can forget some basic items. That being said, no one wants to have to unpack everything that first night just to have what you need. That’s why you absolutely need a collection of items that are not boxed to survive on for a couple nights. So you don’t forget, here are 15 must-have items to make sure you have that first night in your new home.

  1. Durable Garbage Bags- These are great to have for any last minute packing or to get rid of packing trash
  2. Strong Packing Tape- Just in case, it’s great to have a dispenser and durable tape
  3. Storage Boxes to Spare- You never know if you might need that extra box
  4. Newspaper & Grocery Bags- If your breakables need a little extra wrapping, make sure to have these on hand
  5. Permanent Markers- Everything needs to be marked and multiple permanent markers help
  6. Sponge & Dish Soap- If you need to wipe something down, have the soap and sponge ready
  7. Doormat- It may seem excessive, but it will prevent unnecessary dirt from tracking in
  8. Bucket & Plenty of Rags- This is necessary for cleaning off your furniture, cabinets, floors, and surfaces
  9. Ice & Bottled Water- No matter the temperature, you need to stay cool and hydrated
  10. Bathroom Essentials- When you have to go, make sure you have toilet paper, hand towels and soap
  11. Travel Bag of Toiletries- Also bring other toiletries like toothbrushes, tooth paste, hair brushes, contact solution and whatever else you need daily
  12. Plasticware- Bring a small supply of plastic utensils, paper plates, and napkins for when you have to eat
  13. Shower Curtain Liners- You’re going to want to take a shower, so don’t forget a liner so you don’t flood the bathroom
  14. Lightbulbs or a Floor Lamp- If you can’t unpack the lights on the first night, make sure you have some light source for when it gets dark
  15. Snacks & a Few Days Food- You don’t want to have to order in everything, so bring some snacks to munch on before you get to your pantry box

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