Are you planning on moving this fall with kids? As movers in New Bern, NC, we know that there’s a lot that goes into planning a move: packing up all your possessions, researching moving companies in Greenville, NC, and finding a place to stay. If you have kids, you also have to prepare your whole family for the move as well. There’s no need to stress though— here are 3 easy things to do to make moving with kids easy.

1. Tell Them About It

No one likes being surprised. Don’t keep your kids in the dark about the move. It’s only going to upset them when moving day happens. The best mode of action is to inform them and involve them in the process. Start by holding a family meeting to tell them what is going on. Then you can plan the new room with them, make a moving day plan, and even get them to help you decide which toys get donated.

2. Let Them Participate

On moving day, you can make it a lot less hectic by assigning kids to age appropriate tasks. For example, older kids can monitor when everything is ready to be moved and can help with last minute cleaning. Younger kids can bring water to the movers.

3. Make Time to Explore the Neighborhood

It’s important that once you’re settled in, you can acclimate your children to the new community. Help them find fun places like hiking trails so that the new neighborhood feels like home. In addition, meet your neighbors so they can find other age appropriate friends. You can also help them find new activities so they can make friends in this new location.

Need More Moving Help in New Bern, NC?

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