If you’ve decided you’re moving, there’s more to do than telling movers in New Bern, Kinston, Greenville, and surrounding areas in NC the day of the move. A month ahead of the move and beyond, there are plenty of things you have to do. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. With that in mind, here’s a handy checklist to help you master a move in 8 weeks.

At 5-8 Weeks

  • Clean out your garden shed
  • Clean the Gutters
  • Keep a list of incoming mail and get your ‘change of address’ ready
  • Sell large appliances you’re not taking with you
  • Tell your friends and family you’re moving. If necessary, tell your kid’s schools as well
  • Prepare an Inventory

At 4 Weeks

  • Set aside important documents like medical and school records
  • If renting, let your landlord know
  • Sell any vehicles that aren’t coming with you

At 2 Weeks

  • Notify your bank
  • Arrange Transportation of your pets

At 1 Week

  • Redirect Your mail with the post office
  • Notify the Tax Office
  • Change address for license and registration of vehicles

At 5 Days

  • Cancel subscriptions and home delivery services
  • Return any rental items like library books
  • Finalize Utility Accounts

At the Day Before

  • Make sure gas, water, and electricity meters have been read
  • Start de-frosting your fridge

On The Day Of the Move

  • Carry all the important items with you
  • Make sure everything is turned off
  • Lock doors and Windows
  • Collect All Keys
  • Double check that nothing has been left behind

Need More Moving Tips in Eastern North Carolina?

Of course, before all of this, you need to partner with moving companies you can trust to make your Greenville, NC, New Bern, NC, and Kinston, NC movstress-freeee. For more than 20 years, we’ve been serving Eastern North Carolina and surrounding areas. Locally owned and operated, we’re a fully licensed and insured independent moving companies ready to assist with your 27858 moving needs. To get started, contact us.