At Advance Moving & Storage Inc, we are your Kinston, NC and Eastern, NC movers. For more than 20 years, we’ve been your moving experts, serving Eastern North Carolina and surrounding areas. Locally owned and operated, we’re a fully licensed and insured independent moving companies service, assisting your moving and storage needs in Greenville, New Bern, and Kinston, NC. As such, we want to help you move locally and nationally.
We making the entire moving process for you move more smoothly, and one way we do that is by supplying all of your packing essentials. Below is a list of all of the packing supplies we carry:

  • Small boxes- These work best for heavy items such as books. You don’t want to pack things like books in a large box because then it will be too heavy to carry.
  • Medium boxes- These are the universal box and are good for most everything from shoes to pots and pans.
  • Large boxes- These are great for lightweight large items such as linens and tupperware.
  • Dish pack boxes- Because these are dually reinforced, they are made for fragile items like your dishes and glass home decor.
  • Wardrobe boxes- These are portable closets, so they are great for clothes. Shoes & odd shaped items can go in the bottom. These boxes allow you to hang your clothes so the transfer from closet to closet is seamless.
  • Picture boxes- These come in different sizes and can hold up to 3 pictures depending on the width of your picture..
  • Mattress covers- These are sold in various sizes and are great for keeping your mattress clean during the move.
  • Shrink wrap- This is applied to all upholstered items so dust particles do not reach the furniture.
  • Packing paper- This is typically sold in bundles of 25 lbs. Traditional newspaper may get ink on items, so packing paper is the better option.
  • Tape- This is essential when moving and mostly forgotten about when purchasing supplies.

For all of your packing and moving needs in Eastern, NC, contact us at Advance Moving & Storage, Inc.