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It’s that time of year where you get out all of your Christmas and holiday decorations. But, what do you do with these seasonal items once Christmas is over? Whether you’re storing them away for the next year, or packing them up for your move, these decorations have to be packed up one way or another.
Here are some packing tips from Better Homes & Gardens for your Christmas decorations:

  • For those fragile and priceless Christmas ornaments, purchase an ornament organizer at a craft store with individual compartments for each ornament. Before placing an ornament in its compartment, wrap it with tissue paper.
  • For Christmas wreaths, you can hang them on a clothes hanger and then cover them with a plastic bag from the dry cleaners or a trash bag.
  • To keep your Christmas lights from getting tangled in storage, wrap them in a circle as you take them off the tree. Then secure them with a piece of wire or a pipe cleaner so they keep their shape.
  • If you have any Christmas candles, wrap them in cellophane and store them in a cool place to keep them from melting.
  • If you have Christmas plates or dishes, wrap each one in newspaper or place a layer of bubble wrap between each place. Fill in any additional space in the box with newspaper to keep the plates from jostling around.

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