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From CenteredByDesign, here are some helpful moving tips from a professional organizer:

1. Purge before you Pack. Gather your items by category (i.e. linens, pots and pans, sweaters, books, etc.) and make piles to donate, sell and toss. Start weeks in advance as this step will take some time, but will make for an easier and less stressful move.

2. Sell and Donate. After you’ve decided you’re ready to part ways with an item, get it out the door as quickly as possible. My go-to resources for selling online:

  • Clothing: Thred Up
  • Electronics: ebay
  • Furniture: OfferUp, Craig’s List
  • Donations: For larger pieces that you want to donate, schedule a pickup from Salvation Army weeks in advance.

3. Stock up on Supplies:

  • Boxes: check with family/friends, local grocery stores, your office, etc. before purchasing. 
  • Cardboard dish pack with partitions for glassware: check with local liquor store or
    purchase at Uhaul
  • Hanging clothes boxes: If using a moving company, ask if they will supply. Or use a tie/tape to group the hangers and pull the garbage bag over.
  • Bubble wrap, packing paper for dishes, ziploc bags, plastic wrap, tape, tape gun, colored duct tape (in variety of colors)

4. Pack the essential items. What supplies will you need when you first arrive at the new home and the next morning? Transport these in your own car to ensure they don’t get lost.

  • Think about the basic items you’ll need to eat, clean and have your morning coffee!
  • What clothes do you need handy for the first couple days?

5. Prioritize your bedding. Pack clean sheets and bedding and plan to make the beds early in the unpacking stage before you get too tired from the move. You’ll be so happy you did this at the end of an exhausting day!

6. Pack dishes vertically, not stacked: Boxes with partitions are ideal for packing up your glasses and dishes. Plates and platters are less likely to break if they’re wrapped and stacked vertically.

7. Wrap it Up!

  • Use saran wrap to cover liquids and anything that would spill.
  • Cover furniture or items with sharp edges with wrap.

8. Don’t unhang your hanging items. Transfer hanging items to box with hanging rod, or tie the hangers together so they don’t get criss-crossed and pull a garbage bag around the items.  

9. Labeling is key. Clearly identify the room, and note the contents and if it’s fragile. If you want to be extra organized, number the box and keep a list of each number with its contents. Remember to label the side of the box, not the top.

10. Start Early. Since packing and moving is such an overwhelming thought to many us, it’s easy to procrastinate and wait until crunch time to start the process. If you start on steps 1-3 early, you will find that the packing portion is way less daunting.