It is still technically Winter, Greenville NC. So our movers Greenville, NC experts want you to know that if you need our help – we are there for you. Since packing everything up in your house or apartment, and moving it back and forth can be a hassle for most people, our 27858 movers are ready to assist you anytime. Sleet, snow, or ice, if you have a move – we will move you. Notably, our movers Greenville, NC can move you locally and nationally and residentially or corporately. We specialize in helping everyone move! Still, if the weather outside is frightful – what tips can you follow to make your move both safe and successful?
Dangers of moving in the cold include ice, wind, snow, and the danger of facing other drivers. When all you want to do is move into your new home, it is easy to want to get the moving part over and done. However, it might be better if you had licensed and insured movers Greenville, NC assistance.

If you want to move in the cold, our 27858 movers want you to remember to:

  • Keep your eyes on the local weather channel for alerts
  • Clear the walkway between your home and your vehicle
  • Have hot drinks like hot chocolate, coffee, and tea on hand
  • Have an emergency contact list with you
  • Plan your route to your new space carefully
  • Keep sand, salt, and shovels on hand
  • Have a Plan B for rescheduling your move
  • Contact your movers Greenville, NC office for weather policies

As some Greenville, NC movers are used to icy or snowy weather, they may still be comfortable making the move. Of course, you can always rely on Advance Moving & Storage for help! We are your movers Greenville, NC professionals, and we want our customers to be safe and successful with their moves – especially in the Winter.
Need help moving in the cold? Call Advance Moving & Storage Today!