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As you prepare to move, you’ll probably pack and unpack over a span of time. Unless you simply own a cot and the clothes on your back, the odds of you moving all at once in one day are rare. So, that means that some items will be set aside, perhaps in a storage unit or your attic, until you need them or you’ve got time to unpack them. Unless you’re using a climate-controlled unit or your attic is insulated and air-conditioned, your belongings will likely get exposed to some high temperatures over the summer months. This won’t affect some items, but others can be especially sensitive to extreme temperatures and can be damaged by the heat of storage.
If you plan to put away some of your belongings, be aware of the items that could be damaged by the heat. You’ll probably want to opt to store these items in an air-conditioned space instead, like a spare room in your home. Here’s a list of these types of items:

  1. Wooden and/or leather furniture can expand and warp when exposed to extreme heat.
  2. Photographs are especially sensitive to heat, so you’ll want to keep them in a cool area.
  3. Appliances can get damaged when stored in a overly warm area.
  4. Wine should not be stored anywhere that gets above room temperature.

With that said, there are certain things that are safe to store temporarily in the heat. For example, if you have clothing or linens that you want to wait to unpack, they should be fine if kept in a warm area for a while.