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With the cold months of now fully upon us, many people still need to move, and moving in winter is a much different process than moving in the warm summer months.
Here are some winter moving tips for your next winter move:
1. Before moving, ensure that walkways, driveways, and curbs are clear of any obstructions as well as ice, snow, or a bombinatioin of the two.
2.Heat your new home for a couple of days before moving into it to ensure the temperature is optimal for your belongings.
3. Lay cardboard or blankets on the floor to protect it from melting snow and ice.
4. Dress in plenty of layers of clothing, and prepare hot drinks for all of the helping hands that come to help you with your move. Keeping your hands warm and comfortable with gloves are also important so your hands are not getting tired or sore during the move.
5. Before you begin your move, discuss winter weather policies with your moving company. That way, if a snow storm hits, you will know what your plan B is.
6. Keep shovels and rock salt handy just in case you need them.
Whether it’s the icy cold winter or the simmering summer, we are here to help you with your move. For a dependable and efficient moving company, contact us at Advance Moving and Storage in New Bern, NC.