The antique piano your grandmother taught you lessons on when you were little is important to you, and so is the discounted Vintage mirror you found at a yard sale years ago. They are so important that you hardly trust them in the hands of your cousin Vinny who is around to help you on moving day.
Of course, your safest bet is to hire Greenville, NC Movers that you know you can trust. In addition to providing packing supplies, and loading and unloading services, they also offer other licensed and insured services including piano moving. Before Vinny, or anyone else comes near your valuables, there are measures you can take to ensure they arrive at their new home safe and sound.
Adopted from Moving.Com, here are some techniques you can use to your advantage when it comes to your more precious belongs.
1. Create an inventory. If you are a bookworm, it may not seem worthy to count every book on the shelf. At the least, create a check-box for your collectible items.
2. Get insurance. We all know Vinny, because things happen around Vinny that cannot always be explained. One minute your mirror is hanging in the hallway, and the next it is shattered on the floor. Get insurance for the “just in case,” moments with Greenville, NC movers.
3. Seek help for larger items. Because the piano is your piano, you might feel that you are the only one who should, or could, move it to where it needs to be. Professional moving services will tell you, however, that it helps to have helping hands.
4. Hold onto smaller objects. When you think about it, do you really want those smaller valuable items like your files and jewelry to travel in the big truck? If they can fit in your vehicle in any way, that could be best for you and movers. It is less of a hassle for both sides, because they can focus on the larger valuable items and you can focus on the smaller ones.
Any combination of these measures might make you feel better on moving your valuables on moving day. If you need Greenville, NC Movers that understand your need to protect your more precious belongings, call or email Advance Moving & Storage for a free quote today.