There are people who spend a majority of their lives moving from one city to the next. There are others who move whenever it feels right to do so. Both types know how to pack efficiently and quickly when it comes to moving out and moving on like a pro.
If you want to move out and move on like a professional, these tested and tried tips will get you started. Because moving day can be overwhelming and stressful, you can also get started with Greenville, NC Movers and let them do the work for you.  It is one way you can focus on the funner parts of moving like what color your news walls will be, or how you want to decorate your new space. Still want to know what you can do to become a moving pro? See below.

Here are several tips to get you on the right track:

  • Pack your day-to-day items in a clear bin (i.e. chargers, toiletry items, cookware, tools)
  • Wrap your glassware in clothes to save on bubble wrap
  • Pack your plates vertical like records, so they will be less likely to break
  • Use your baskets, bins, suitcases, etc. to your advantage
  • Color code your boxes using Duck Tape. It can be fun and efficient.
  • Label sandwich bags with the nails they include
  • Fit your hanging clothes into a big trash bag and pull them out when you are ready
  • Hire professional movers to move your valuable items

Just so you know, Advance Moving & Storage has spent more than 20 years helping families load and unload their homes. They have the expertise and the tools to help you through moving day. With pros on your side, you begin to feel like a pro, too. Want more tips? See a complete list of them here, and stay tuned for our future article on choosing Greenville, NC movers.
Move out and move on today!