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If you’re getting ready to move, you know that moving and packing requires a lot of materials, such as boxes, tape, newspapers, packing peanuts, etc. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can make your moving experience more eco-friendly.
Here are some green moving tips from Organized-Home:

  1. Have less stuff! If you can do this way before you move, you’ll be glad.
  2. Sell or donate as much as you can. Do this as early in your process as possible. Consider reassessing your things every season, and donate or sell your excess stuff. Again, doing this early on will help you in the long run when you actually move.
  3. Check your local recycling services. This one’s obvious. Recycling decreases waste!
  4. Order reusable moving boxes. If you can help it, don’t buy new cardboard boxes.
  5. Collect used cardboard boxes from local shops. If you plan ahead and have the time, you can always check in with your local wine stores or corner shops to arrange pick up for their cardboard boxes after new deliveries. The boxes are free!
  6. Use eco-alternatives to conventional wrapping. Before you buy new biodegradable packing goods, use what you already have: newspapers, old t-shirts, tea towels, and bath towels.
  7. Pack smarter. See everything in your house as a potential vessel; pack wrapped kitchen goods inside a pot instead of just stuffing the interior with paper. Do this as much as you can!
  8. Use alternatives to plastic covers. Instead of using giant heavy plastic sheets for mattresses and/or furniture, use yards of muslin fabric or a painter’s drop cloth – items that you’ll use after the move.
  9. Cut old clothes and linens into rags. This will save on paper towel waste!
  10. Use a camp-style mess kit for eating takeout. During a move, you’ll inevitably have to order takeout or delivery. Once your dishes and flatware are packed, have a set of utensils on hand that you can wash and reuse.

If you even use a few of the methods above, that will be a great start for making your move more eco-friendly! For movers you can trust, give us a call at Advance Moving and Storage in Kinston, NC.