At Advance Moving and Storage, INC. we are movers who are here to help you have the best move possible in Greenville, NC, New Bern, NC, Kinston, NC, and surrounding areas. We’re dedicated to making sure you get everything you need on your next move. Large and small moves welcome, whether you’re local, intrastate, or interstate, our courteous, experienced personnel are ready to help.
Packing is the most painful and frustrating part of moving. However, it’s something that can’t be avoided. So, why not make the packing process as stress-free as possible? You can do just that by following these helpful packing and moving tips:

  • When you’re packing, clearly label all of your boxes so you know just where each one goes without having to unpack it first.
  • If you disassemble any furniture, put all of the screws and other small parts in a ziploc bag and then tape the bag to the box or a piece of the furniture.
  • Pack lighter items in large boxes, everyday items in medium boxes, and heavier or fragile items in smaller boxes.
  • Pack things in the order that you use them most, with your least used items being packed first.
  • Leave out a box or two to pack last minute items that you will need immediately after your relocation like food, pet food, bedding, etc.
  • For all fragile items, be sure to wrap them in towels, bubble wrap, or paper. Also, don’t overload these boxes, and fill in the extra space with paper or packing peanuts. Then, be sure to clearly label that this box contains fragile objects.

For more helpful pointers, visit our moving tips page on our website. For movers that you can rely on, contact us at Advance Moving and Storage, INC. in Kinston, NC.