Well folks, the Greenville, NC movers secretsTwo Friends Whispering Secrets in the Ear. are out. Can you guess what they are? No worries there! We are in the mood to share some of our top moving secrets with you. From the way you pack your Advance Moving & Storage moving truck to the way you move to your future, we have you in mind. Do you need immediate help moving to or from Greenville, NC? Call Advance Moving & Storage to day for storage rates, movers, moving trucks, moving supplies, and other moving needs right now. It could be the best housekeeping you do for your home. Otherwise, tune your ears and get ready for the “3 Secrets Moving Experts Don’t Want you to Know!”

Here We Go!

Secret #1: Pack your moving truck like a game of Tetris. That is, fit every piece of furniture in your moving vehicle like a puzzle. Leave no space unfilled, or you lose the game of moving. Good news about Tetris? You can flip and rotate every block before it lands. Do the same with your furniture! Or, let our Greenville, NC movers do it for you.

Secret #2: Empty closets in a single swoop. If you have suitcases, fill them. Baskets, fill those, too! If you have trash bags, slide them up your clothes and tie them. Just make sure your movers know those bags are not trash.

Secret #3: Moving, by definition, can be a serious challenge. Do not do it alone. You can give your friends and family, and yourself a break with Greenville, NC movers. You let us know where you want to move and we will literally advance you there.

It really is easy as 1-2-3.

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