You know what goes great with a moving playlist? How about a moving checklist? So you are not overwhelmed by your next move, consider the tips we gathered from credible moving professionals. Some seem so obvious, and yet they are not the tips we think of when we need them most. You can use these tips before and after you move.

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Moving Before & After List:

  • Save the Date. Keep track of your Greenville, NC movers of Advance Moving & Storage. Note the date of your move, the time, and our contact information.
  • Prepare Ahead for bedtime. You could sleep on your mattress without sheets, but why? Make sure your sheets, blankets, and pillows are close to you so you can spend the first night in true comfort.
  • Freshen Up the fridge. Placing a sock or stocking full of baking soda or coffee keeps the interior of your refrigerator smelling fresh. Who knew?
  • Box It Up. It is tempting to tape, pack, and tape closed when it comes to boxes. You want them filled, moved, and unpacked as quickly as possible. If you want to make life a bit easier for yourself and your Greenville, NC movers. Pack heavy items in small boxes, and light items in large boxes.
  • Call Me, Maybe? Because we can get lost in the chaos of moving, it is best to give your number to your movers so they can also keep track of you. Feeling generous? Provide them alternate phone number in case you are no where near your phone.
  • Save Your Memories. If a particular item means that much to you, you might want it to travel in your car. Otherwise pack these items with extra bubblewrap, clothes, or sheets to ensure your Greenville, NC movers get them from Point A to Point B without error.
  • Remember the Essentials. You know that face-palm moment when you realize you remembered everything except that one, important detail? You even reminded yourself to take care of it, and still, you forgot. Well, here is your reminder, a list within a list: tissue, utensils, pans, paper towels, extra paper towels, cleaning supplies, plates and cups, and tools. These are some of the most forgotten about items when it comes to moving out and moving in.
  • Secure Your Pet. Your best bet for moving your pet is to keep them away from the moving sites. Otherwise, they can become too excited or overstimulated.
  • Call Advance Moving & Storage. It is a pretty lengthy list, we know. Let Greenville, NC movers make the moving part one less action you have to worry about. We will focus on advancing you towards your future while you focus on your list!

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