As movers in New Bern, NC, Advance Moving and Storage Inc provides our Eastern NC clients with all of their moving and storage needs. When it comes to storage units, we offer both a climate-controlled warehouse as well as non-climate storage units. Here is a list of items that require climate controlled storage:

  • Wooden furniture: if wood is exposed to moisture over time, it can warp, crack, or rot your furniture, which is why you should only store wooden furniture in climate-controlled storage.
  • Leather furniture: like wooden furniture, moisture can ruin leather furniture as well. Over time, spots and mildew can develop on your leather furniture if it is not stored in a climate-controlled unit.
  • Collectibles: if you have a collection of coins, stamps, wine, or comic books, all of these items can be negatively impacted by the fluctuations in temperature as well as moisture. So, you want to store them in a climate controlled unit to preserve your treasured collections.
  • Important documents: Any important documents that you want to preserve should be kept in a climate controlled unit in order to avoid moisture which can ruin these items.

For all of your storage and moving needs in New Bern, NC, contact us at Advance Moving and Storage LLC. For more storage tips, visit’s article on climate-controlled storage.