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Sometimes, you have to move at a specific time of year, whether it’s for your job or a family member. However, sometimes you get to decide when the best time is to move. So, how about the best time to sell your home?
According to Zillow, there are several factors that affect the success of selling your home: the season, the market, and even the day of week can all have an impact.
When it comes to seasons, spring and summer are typically the best times of year to sell your home. With spring, the weather is nice, people have some money in their pocket from tax returns, and people are looking forward to their upcoming holidays and vacations. With summer, people typically take off work more often, the sun is out and bright, kids are home for the season. However, this seasonal factor can vary depending on your location. In some areas, there is still snow on the ground in the spring, and in others, the summers are too scorching hot for many people to venture out and look at homes.
Another important factor to consider when selling your home is the current condition of the market. Of course, it is ideal to sell your home when the market is favorable for sellers. When this occurs, there are more buyers looking for homes than there are homes for sale on the market. This means that the seller can often getting asking price or even higher. Unfortunately, you can’t decide when it’s a seller’s market and when it’s not; but, if you are able to wait until conditions improve, that’s always best.
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