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Moving can be expensive. We all know that. But most of us ultimately decide that we need help moving all of our stuff – our furniture is too heavy, we live alone and need help, we can’t take time off of work to pack and move, etc. No matter your situation, it might be in your best interest to hire a moving company. But how can you be sure it’s worth the money? Here are some tips to consider as you decide whether to hire movers, and which movers to choose:

  • Move during the off season. Movers usually increase their rates between the months of May through August. This is the busiest time of year for moving companies. If you’re looking to save money on your move, consider moving outside of these dates. When movers are less busy, they’re rates usually go down a bit.
  • Move during the week. Weekends are the busiest times when people need moving services, especially towards the end of the month. Many movers charge more during these peak times, so consider moving during the week or ask your moving company if they can discount your rate if you choose a day during the week.
  • Read reviews and hire the right company. When moving locally, movers charge by the hour. You can get a sense of how fast a moving company operates if you do a bit of research on their reviews. If people are saying the movers move slow, understand it might take longer and cost you more money. Find movers with reviews that mention the movers moving items quickly and efficiently.
  • Ask your moving company for a fixed rate. Again, when moving locally, ask your moving company for a fixed rate. Many movers simply will only charge by the hour so however long it takes is how much it will cost. Ask if your movers will give you a fixed rate on your move. This means whatever the fixed rate is, that’s what you’ll pay. If the rate is in your budget and the mover has a good reputation, consider using them. Remember, if the mover gives you a fixed rate you must keep the agreed inventory list or the fixed cost can be broken.
  • Compare moving quotes. Not all movers will quote your job at the same cost. Also, understand that professional movers will do a better job moving your items. When comparing quotes, always check the reputations online of moving companies. This will give you a sense of what to expect on moving day.
  • Understand moving company costs and extra fees. Some movers will charge extra fees such as stair charges, fuel charges, long carry charges, use of packing materials etc. Always ask the moving company what is included in the hourly rate and what additional charges you might expect.
  • Don’t hire cheap movers. It’s not always best to hire the cheapest moving company. Sometimes movers will estimate your move cheaper than other movers just to get your business, then ultimately you’ll have to pay the final cost based on how long the move will take (if moving locally). If you have a very unprofessional moving company, it might take much longer to move your items than with a professional company. Also, with cheap, unprofessional movers, you run the risk of your items being damaged.