Moving in the blazing, hot heat can slow down your moving day – tremendously. Throw on the added stress of not having the right moving supplies and you might just end up in need of movers Greenville, NC services from Advance Moving & Storage. Not only do we carry all the essentials for your moving day in June 2016, but we also carry the movers, the trucks, and anything else you need. We even help you move your piano! Do you want to carry a grand piano upstairs or down in temperatures over 90 degrees weather? If not, let our movers Greenville, NC professionals advance you to your future (even if it is a hot one!) Even so, if you want to do something on your own – make sure you have the essential moving supplies.

Our Movers Greenville, NC Team Suggests:

  • Small Boxes: these work great for small items like books, glassware, and other items that tend to get very heavy when loaded into huge boxes.
  • Packing Tape: lots of packing tape, because we are willing to bet you will lose the one roll of tape that was in the kitchen yesterday and is gone today.
  • Packing Paper: unless you want to risk your clothes and other items, use actual packing paper for your dishes and other precious items. Ink smears…
  • Body Relief: it is hard work moving in 81 degrees. Your hands can get all slippery, which makes handling valuables a little more risky. Keep cool with water and pain killers for aching muscles.
  • Moving Tunes: that is, the songs that get you up and running. Have the songs that make you energetic pumping you and your mood on for moving day.

Advance Moving & Storage makes your moving day easy. Once you have all the supplies you need and the hardest part done (which is putting those supplies to good use), you can rely on our movers Greenville, NC team to do the heavy lifting. We advance you to your future and beyond.

Start Gathering Your Supplies with Advance Moving & Storage Now.