Do you ever wish you knew how to load moving trucks like moving companies in Greenville, NC? At Advance Moving & Storage, we want to give you an insider look to how to make the best use of space in that truck. That’s because an organized move is a happy move. We want every move to stress free and ultimately set the tone for your new life in your new home.
With that in mind, here are 4 tips to take with you next time you move.

1. Load Heavy Items Towards the Front of the Truck

By loading those first, you not only put the hardest things to move first, but it balances the weight of the truck more efficiently. That makes it easier to drive and it’s easier on the truck. In addition, put lighter items towards the end and items you want to take out first. That means, light and personal items need to go LAST.

2. Save Fragile Items for Later

A moving truck, as well as you pack them, might not be the best place for fragile and antique items. Save those and store those for when you can transport them more safely. The fact of the matter is, things move around and you don’t want to risk those precious items.

3. Stack Boxes On Top of Heavy Furniture

Using boxes keeps the furniture in place and balances the the weight better so things move around less. It also is an efficient use of space that will let you store more items in the truck.

4. Tie Down Cargo in Tiers

Set up your cargo in tiers and then tie them down so they move around less. This keeps everything in place, prevents breakage, and just makes for an easier overall move and ride.

What Else Can You Do?

Of course, for resources on storage and moving needs contact us at Advance Moving and Storage, for a pleasant and stress free experience. We have the resources not only in packing and making the move, but storing the items most precious to you. If you’re interested in learning more contact us and we can see what we can do.