As movers and storage experts in Greenville, NC, we know how hard it can be to sort through your things and find out what to keep or trash.
No one likes taking out the trash. It can be stinky and tiresome. Though it doesn’t have to be quite as hard.
Here are some great life hacks to make trash day that much easier.

1. Create Recycling Bin Hangers

With a couple pieces of scrap wood and a drill, you can hang up recycling bins to make it that much easier to sort your recyclables. That keeps the bins off the ground and serves as a great reminder to recycle and sort accordingly. For more detailed instructions how to do this, check out The Handyman’s tutorial.

2. Put Your Trash Bags On a Roll

Repurpose a paper towel roll to hang up your trash bags. That way you can dispense them more easily, rather than digging around in a box. It will make putting in a new trash bag faster and that much easier.

3. Say Hello to Dollies

If your trashcan doesn’t have wheels or you have large trash you need to get out, invest in making some easy flat dollies to you roll things out. You can use thicker frames or left over wood. It will make transporting things to the trash easier on you and your back. Here’s a tutorial to get you started on Lifehacker.
A note: if you make the dolly like a frame and have an empty center, that makes it easy to hang it on your wall with some hooks. That way you never trip on it.

What Now?

Now that taking out the trash is so much easier, it’s time to think of how else you can declutter your home. At Advanced Moving & Storage we are not only specialized in creating the best move for you, but in the storage of the stuff you care most about.
Whether you’re interested in movers or storage in Greenville, NC, contact us to see how we can help you in that next phase of your life.