As movers know, a big part of moving is throwing what you don’t need away. With a new year started, there’s no better time to declutter your life. Especially if you’re planning on moving, now is the time to sort through the stuff you don’t need. With that in mind, here are 3 things you probably own to throw in the trash.

1. Mismatched or Items with Missing Pieces

If you don’t know where the other sock is, the right lid to that container, or can’t find the missing piece to that electronic, it’s time to toss it. You probably lost the other matching piece a long time ago. Don’t hold on to it hoping you’ll find the thing that completes it, just chuck it.

2. Anything Expired

It’s a new year, so you probably have some expired items. Whether it’s food, cosmetics, or cleaning supplies, get rid of it. You don’t want anything around the house that doesn’t work well or could make you sick.

3. Everything Worn Out or Broken

Don’t hang on to those worn towels and sheets or that broken jewelry. You’re never going to get them fixed. It’s time to just start again and invest in a new pair. Just hanging on to it is only increasing clutter and making it that much harder to pack. It’s time to let those pieces go.

Need More Help?

If you’re still not sure what needs to be trashed, be sure to check out our blog post “Take or Toss?”. In addition if you really feel like purging, here are 7 more items you trash this week.
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