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How to Maximize Your May with Movers Greenville, NC Pros

Step 1: Have a Plan A and Plan B
The more planning you can do for your move the better. Be aware of how much you own by keeping a check list of major and minor items like your piano or your kitchen ware. Be aware of the weather for your moving day, which is ever changing in North Carolina we know! Plan where and when to meet your movers Greenville, NC team for the move.
Step 2: Prepare for Your Advance
In addition to having a plan, you also want to make sure you are prepared with the proper moving supplies. It is hard to pack boxes without the right packing tape, labels, markers, or whatever else you think you might need. Try plastic bins. Also try to see what you can put in storage.
Step 3: Pack it Right
Once you have a plan and you have done your preparations, it is time to go ahead and pack. Make sure your boxes are sealed properly and prepped for rainy day exposure if you are expecting a rain show on your moving day parade. Pack glassware carefully and keep personal items in your vehicle if you are worried about them getting lost.
Advance Moving and Storage is a professional and trustworthy movers Greenville, NC company that wants your move to be a successful move. With the right steps, you can complete your 3 step move in no time at all.
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