As professionals at moving companies in Kinston, NC at Advanced Moving & Storage, we understand how hard moving can be. It can be hard to know how to pack everything up. With our 20 years of experience, we’ve picked up a couple of tricks. Here are 3 tips to help you get packed and ready for your move.

1. Create an Inventory

By writing down what you need to pack, it will help you estimate how many boxes you will need. This is great to plan out because having to run to the nearest store that carries moving supplies, repeatedly, gets really old, really fast. For tips on making that plan, check out our blog post.

2. Put Items to Good Use

It doesn’t just have to be bubble wrap, you can use your clothes to wrap dishes, use your linens to wrap mirrors and frames, and use your socks and stuffed animals for mugs ­and bowls. Large blankets and sheets can even be used to pad furniture.

3. Make Sure to Distribute Weight Well

There definitely is a right and wrong way to pack your moving truck. That means put down your paper, then large items, then slender items. For tips for that moving truck and packing well, check out these tips.

Want More Help?

Of course, these are only a couple tips, and would love if you’d seek our help for your moving needs. For more than 20 years, we’ve been working in moving companies serving people all over Kinston, NC  and throughout Eastern North Carolina. Locally owned and operated, fully licensed and insured— we’re committed to assisting your 27858 moving needs. As such, we want to help you move locally and nationally. Our Greenville, NC movers can help with piano moving and so much more. We take the stress out of moving by providing moving products and services in one place. If you want to get started, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.