There’s so much that goes into planning a move: from contacting moving companies in Kinston NC, to finding the perfect home, to setting a date that works for everyone— how do you even make time to pack?
Luckily at Advance Moving & Storage, we’ve witnessed a lot of moves. Using that experience, here are 10 quick tips that can make your packing process easier.

1. Pack Breakables in Clothing

You have to pack your clothes anyway as well, why not put them to good use. That way you don’t have to waste money or paper on keeping your most valuable pieces safe.

2. Eliminate Mess with Plastic Wrap

If you put plastic wrap over liquids before you put the lid on, you can prevent any spills or unnecessary mess.

3. Use Styrofoam Plates to Save Your Real Ones

By placing styrofoam between each plate, you can pack them tighter and keep them safe.

4. Separate Small Parts in Plastic Bags

If you have any screws or small pieces for any of your furniture, you don’t want to lose them. Put all of that in plastic bags to save them and your sanity.

5. Thread Necklaces Through Straws

Packing necklaces in a box is just asking for a tangled mess. If you put the necklaces through straws they won’t tangle and you save time later.

6. Pack Books in Suitcases

Books are heavy. Especially if you pack them all together. Make the weight easier by storing them in suitcases that are easier to carry. Your back will thank you.

7. Put Pillows and Comforters in Garbage Bags

Garbage bags will keep your soft goods clean and you can use it to pad other stuff in your moving van.

8. Use Your Dresser Drawers

It’s a ready made box— why not use it? Just seal them off with some cling wrap and they’re ready made to store all of your stuff.

9. Label Your Cords

The last thing you want is to have to sort through all of your cords. In addition, tape them off and take a picture how all of your electronics are plugged in to save time later. You just want things to work, you don’t want a headache.

10. Pack Essentials Last

You need to know where your essentials are and you want to be able to get to them. After the move, you don’t want to be stranded in a wasteland of boxes without the things you need. Pack smart, keep your essentials where you know they are. If possible, pack them in a clear container.

What Else Can You Do?

One item that isn’t on the list is choosing a great moving company for the move to your Kinston, NC home. At Advance Moving & Storage, we’d love to be that solution for you. We have over 20 years of expertise making moving a great and stress free experience. Let us bring that to your move. Contact us to see what we can do for your new home.