Moving Tips

Greenville, NC MoversMoving is a very overwhelming and stressful time for everyone. Here are some helpful tips from our Greenville, NC Movers on how to make the 27858 moving process go smoother from beginning to end.

Packing Supplies:
Packing is the hardest part. Advance supplies a full line of boxes for your packing purposes: Small boxes work best for heavy items; like books. Medium boxes are the universal box; good for almost everything. Large boxes are great for light weight large items. Dish pack boxes are dually reinforced; they are made for fragile items. Wardrobe boxes are portable closets. Shoes & odd shaped items can go in the bottom. Picture boxes come in different sizes & can hold up to 3 pictures depending on the width. Mattress covers are sold in various sizes and are great for keeping your mattress clean. Shrink wrap is applied to all upholstered items so dust particles do not reach the furniture. Packing paper is sold in bundles of 25 lbs – Traditional newspaper may get ink on items. Tape is very essential when moving and most forgotten about when purchasing supplies. Let our Greenville, NC Movers show you how we pack for 27858 moves.


Packing Helpful Hints:
First pack the items you use the least. Label all boxes with the room they came from and what the contents are. All boxes must be sealed shut with tape; no folding the corners in together. Stemware should be standing upright with the opening facing the bottom. Plates and bowls should be standing upright; not flat (opposite of how you eat off them). Computers,T.V.,VCR- if possible pack these items in the original box they came with. Take light bulbs and shades of off lamps and pack these separately with packing paper. Pack fragile items with items from the linen closet; no space is wasted. Sort the kitchen into breakables and non-breakables (pots/pans/plastics) before packing. Keep out 2-3 boxes for the actual move day for all the last minute items, which your Greenville, NC Movers will equally appreciate for your 27858 move!


Prohibited Items:
Flammable items are not allowed onto the moving vehicle with our Greenville, NC movers; these items include: Aerosol cans, matches, lighters, gas, kerosene, oil, paint, lacquer thinner, alcohol, vinegar, and any other items that the label reads they are flammable. Candles are not suggested on long-distance moves especially in the summer season.


Moving to a New Place:
Remember to fill out a change of address form. Update all newspaper and magazine subscriptions with the new address. Get utilities/cable/internet/and phone service transferred to the new location. Have an idea of how the furniture will be placed in the new home before movers arrive. Meet a new neighbor and exchange phone numbers in case an emergency occurs. If you own pets; make sure you have their food and water ready for them. Plan where the moving vehicle will park; the closer they park the less time it takes. Find out who on your moving crew is in charge so you know who to ask about something. Upon completion of the move; attain a copy of the moving contract & the bill of lading.

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